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Precision Seamless Tubes

Precision Seamless Tubes

Standard precision tubes are produced using the cold drawn process. As the semi-finished product we use rolled seamless steel tubes.

Dimensions of standard precision tubes
Outside diameter 4 - 120 mm
wall thickness 0.5 – 10.0 mm.

Precision steel tubes are supplied according to EN 10305-1, DIN 2391, BS 6323/4, NF A 49-310 and 49-312, UNI 7945. STN 42 6711 and 42 6712, CSN 42 6711 and 42 6712, GOST 8734, 9567, 12132, PN-H 74240 and 74220, ASTM A519 and JIS G3445.
Also we can supply according to European Standards EN, according to the American Standards ASTM and according to the Japanese Standards JIS.

Length of standard precision tubes

  • Random length precision tubes in the range of 3 – 7 (9) m
  • Fixed length with tolerance +/- 500 mm
  • Exact length with tolerance – 0 / +x mm (x upon agreement)
  • Maximum length, upon agreement - 18 m

Ends of standard precision tubes
Ends of the tubes are square to the longitudinal axis of the tubes and are free of burrs. Tubes may be supplied with mechanically machined ends. The ends of the tubes may be capped with plastic caps.

Marking of precision tubes and bundles of tubes
Marking of standard precision tubes is done according to standards either in one spot or along the whole length of a tube. Bundle marking is done either by one or multiple labels with required data.

Surface protection of standard precision tubes
Tubes are supplied with anticorrosion application. The type of protection is subject to agreement.

Packaging of standard precision tubes

  • Tubes are delivered in bundles with either circular or hexagonal shape weighing maximum 2000 kilograms.
  • Tubes are tied with steel band.
  • Packaging into a plastic foil or wooden crated is possible upon agreement.

Available materials for Tube

Tube Inventory

Stainless Steel Nickel Alloys
Carbon Steel Alloy Steel




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