Tag: ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Round Bars

Advantages Of Carbon Steel Round Bars

In comparison with typical resistance to abrasion steels, Carbon Steel Round Bars offer improved welding and cold forming qualities as a result of low sulfur, low carbon equivalent chemistry. It is especially recommended to avoid precipitation-hardening temperatures below 550 degrees Celsius for bright steel bars, due to their low hardness at relatively low temperatures. Carbon steel bright bars are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, paper, and basic metalworking industries.

High strength: Steel, as previously stated, is one of the preferred materials for any application requiring endurance due to its composition, so the strength of round bars will vary with the type of metal used in their manufacture. Round bars are also commonly employed in construction for their load-bearing qualities -think rooftop decking, rafters, wall framing, scaffolds, concrete work, soldering, and many more applications.

Size and dimensions:

ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Round Bars can be customized in addition to the standard extended dimensions of stock metal components by assuming the shape of a puck or a short metal rod. Several designs can be fabricated on the circular bar. Cold-forming, for example, reduces internal tensions creating conditions that are ideal for subsequent cutting and manufacturing.


The materials aluminum, titanium, steel, and iron are pliable enough to easily be shaped into round bars, as are copper, tin, and bronze, which are some of the metals which can be used for round bars. In the fabrication of round bars, simple manufacturing procedures including milling, grinding, and casting are employed. Producing and selling a wide variety of products is beneficial for both producers and customers.

Smooth and shine finishing:

By going through a metal polishing procedure, the carbon steel round bar can also have an outstanding surface finish. By adding another thin coating of zinc, chromium, cadmium, or nickel to a stock metal round bar, plating, for example, can increase its shine.