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A leading manufacturer, exporter, suppliers & stock holder of ASME B36.10 Carbon Steel Pipes & we provide a comprehensive range of ASME B36.10 Carbon Steel Pipes.

We manufacture ASME B36.10 Carbon Steel Pipes in India for export all around the world.

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ASME B36.10 Carbon Steel Pipes

ASME B36.10 Carbon Steel Pipes

Dimensions and Weights of ASME B36.10 Carbon Steel Pipes


Specifications Steel Grade Standard
seamless steel tubes and pipes for structural purpose 10, 20, 35, 45, 40Mn2, 45Mn2, 27SiMn, 20Cr, 40Cr, 20CrMo, 35CrMo, 38CrMoA1, 50CrV, 30CrMnSi ASTM A500-98 ASTM A501-98 ASTN A519-98 JIS G3441-1994 JIS G3444-1994
Seamless steel tubes and pipes for liquid service 10, 20, Q295, Q345 ASTM A53-98 ASTM A192 ASME S192 JIS G3452-1998 FIS G3454-1998 DIN 1629-1984
seamless steel tubes and pipesfor casing J55, N80 API
Seamless steel tubes for oil casing and tubing in oil wells A, B, X42 API
Seamles Steel Tubes and Pipes for High Pressure Boiler 20G, 20MnG, 25MnG, 15MoG, 20MoG, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoVG, 12Cr2MoG, 12Cr2MoWVTiB, 12Cr3MoVSiTiB, ASTM A106-96a ATSM A213-95a JIS G3461-1988 JIS G3462-1998 DIN 17175-1979 BS3059Part 21990
Seamless Steel Tubes for low and Medium Pressure Boilers 10, 20 ASTM A179, ASTM A192 ASTM SA179,SA192, BS3059
Seamless Steel Tubes for high pressure --Chemical fertilizer equipment 10, 20G, Q345, Q390, 10MoVNb, 12CrMo, 15CrMo, 12Cr2Mo ISO 9329-2-1997 ASTM A161-94
Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking 10, 20, 12CrMo, 15CrMo, 1Cr2Mo, 1Cr5Mo,   JIS G3441-1988

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